3000+ eCommerce Videos produced

The type of video to produce for your company really depends on your industry and what stage of your marketing strategy you’re at.
30 years ago people said a personal computer wasn’t a necessity to run your business. 20 years ago people were saying it wasn’t necessary for your business to have an online presence
A lot of videos which are produced are then left to rot at the bottom of a website or lost amongst the millions of videos uploaded to YouTube daily. Dont’ let your video suffer that fate!
I don’t know whether or not I’ve just made that word up, put a video can put a face to a faceless brand.
We’ve sold A LOT through video. The bulk of our experience comes from producing over 2000 product reviews and getting over 13m views for Australia’s largest appliance online retailer.
I’m Michael Langdon, owner of Levity. Levity is an award winning video production house that specialises in video strategies for business owners that help them build authority and become leaders in their industry
Film with natural lighting in front of you, not behind you. This is mostly for when you are filming indoors or in an office space.
In order to sell anything, you need to prove value to your customers. Video is no different. So how can you prove the value of video to your customers?
Get straight to the point. Which is what I’m doing here. Don’t faff about in the first few seconds (be it with graphics, music intros or whatever you think may be interesting.
A lot of videos business owners film are talking heads of themselves. These can tend to be quite boring so keep tuned for a few editing tips on how to make them more engaging.
So why do you need to raise your profile as a leader in your industry? Well the first reason is obvious, you need to stay ahead of the competition and make sure you’re seen as an authority ahead of anyone else in your field!
Time IS money. Any business owner will tell you this. And they will tell you that they need more hours in the day to invest in their business.

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