5 Reasons why you need to raise your profile as a leader in your industry

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Gain Authority
So why do you need to raise your profile as a leader in your industry? Well the first reason is obvious, you need to stay ahead of the competition and make sure you’re seen as an authority ahead of anyone else in your field! That will lead to more inbound leads coming the way of your business and increase your revenue!

Gain Engagement.
Are you really engaging with people? You really need to use the power of social media to achieve this. And I don’t just mean publishing photos, videos and posts – I mean interacting with people who talk to you. This is what I call TRUE ENGAGEMENT. And with this true engagement comes a following, with this following comes guaranteed business next time said following needs your service.

Raising your profile gives you time. This might sounds a bit counterintuitive at first, but the more you raise your profile, the more prospective sales are going to come your way ALREADY informed as to what and who you are all about. Making closing deals easier as you’ve already got their trust and saving you loads of time in one2ones!

Gain Omnipresence.
That’s right we’re telling you to be more God-like! The reason is because you’ll be in people’s hearts and mind and as a leader in your field. Like what I previously said with engagement, once you are in people’s heart and minds, the next time they need someone who does what you do, guess who they’ll come to first! $ kerching!

Gain Relevance
The more exposed you are to people, and talking about your industry, the more relevant you’ll stay to the ever changing landscape of your business. In my industry, for example, you still see people selling themselves as HD experts! High Definition was so 2004! By building your profile you stat modern and that is a must in the business world of today!

Lastly, and it goes without saying, that the best way to gain all these attributes that I have just spoken about, is to have a clear and concise video strategy! It really is the best way to get these points across.


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