5 Tips to increase views for a video

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A lot of videos which are produced are then left to rot at the bottom of a website or lost amongst the millions of videos uploaded to YouTube daily. Dont’ let your video suffer that fate!

High on a website.
If you’ve gone through the time, effort and cost of producing a video, then invest a bit more time and talk to your developers to have it visible within your site! The easier it is to find, the higher the play rate it’s going to have, and the better results you’re going to get from it. I recommend splash page or high up on your website.

Good thumbnail.
A great thumbnail is paramount if you want people clicking on your video. A big NO NO is to let you Youtube or Vimeo randomly select a thumbnail for you! Make sure you select one that will get people’s attention. Smiley happy faces are scientifvilly proven to increase play rates.

It sounds obvious, but you have to start putting quality content out there. Not necessarily in terms of production values. Just make sure you have a good story, you tell it well and you connect with people. Over half of your exposure is going to come organically if your content is good!

Put a little bit of money on social.
Unfortunately, due to Facebook’s algorithms, it’s now quite hard for a video to organically grow without a little bit of money behind it. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just harder, no matter the quality of the content. So put a little bit of money behind it on Facebook, and if the quality is good enough, watch the organic views explode!

Link your video on forums. You’ll be surprised at how much traffic a website like reddit can generate for your video. Specialied forums are great to give your video legs. For example if your video is about a new vegan recipe, then put it in a vegan food forum! That will get it running and receiving lots of traction.


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