5 ways to use video to generate time in your business

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Time IS money. Any business owner will tell you this. And they will tell you that they need more hours in the day to invest in their business. Well, guess what?! I’ve got great news, Video gives you just that!

Below are 5 video tactics that our customers have employed to give them back time to work on their business.

Gabriela Rosa was my first ever customer when I went freelance. she is a fertility specialist who reaches thousands of people around the world and treats patients in every continent on earth. She’s since become a good friend AND business mentor and she is THE perfect example of how to utilise video as part of your onboarding strategy. She uses video as part of welcoming her patients into her program. Doing this has given her the time to attend to 3x more patients and help them deliver healthy babies into the world. You ARE right, I’m pretty much saying that our videos not only give time, but they GIVE the gift of life!

We’ve worked with plenty of HR teams that produce videos to train their staff up. Instead of having to induce new staff at the beginning of each month for a day, they play them a video that does the same trick. Not only does everyone in the company get exactly the same messaging delivered concisely and uniformly, but HR teams end up saving week’s worth of salaries anually by having this process done by video. It also saves HR teams so much time that they can go back to planning all those really important team bonding exercises. And I mean it, they are reaaaally imporant.

Content squared.
A lot of our clients film videos which disseminates their intellectual property. And it’s great; they get a nice little video that lives for life, right? WRONG. Not only do they get a nice little video, they can also export the mp3 of that video and get a podcast. They can also transcribe the video for a couple of bucks and they’ve got an article, they can then turn that article into a blog entry, they can turn the video into a seminar. By doing just ONE video it can get recycled into many different formats – giving you tonnes of valuable content and saving you loads of time!

FAQs & Customer service
We’ve worked with customer services teams before and asked them what people ring up and ask about. You’d be surprised at how much time they waste give the same answer again and again over the phone. The solution? Record a video answer and watch your call queue dwindle! As long as you give the video exposure then you’ll save your support staff hours in time! More time for them to spend on YouTube or Facebook, or maybe, just get rid of one or two to save you on your overheads! The same logic applies to your company’s Frequently Asked Questions. Have them delivered in video format to save you and your customer’s time.

Internal communications
Communication is a big issue in big companies. Sometimes you don’t hear enough from the top and staff feel disengaged. Instead of having heads of departments or CEOs going around the company giving the same talks and/or speeches, we’ve had clients record video messages to disseminate across the company. Easily breaking down geographical barriers and saving executives hours wasted in travel and repeat speeches.


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