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eCommerce Videos produced

Blantons Promo

A single Barrel bourbon from Kentucky? We had to pay homage to the Kentucy Derby!


    Ring wanted to show the benefits of their doorbell by having customers tell their story. A very powerful way to increase conversions. Actually, take that back. THE most porwerful way to increase conversions for your product.

      Change the way you ink

      Brother comissioned this video to highlight their new range of printers coming out in Australia

        Hisense Fridge Review

        These product videos on average triple conversions for Appliances Online. What would 3x conversions mean for your sales?

          Insider Style with Wynstan

          Wynstan's way of showcasing their products is by getting their customers to talk about their dream home journey

            Acoustic Blinds and curtains

            You are watching Internet Video perfection here. This is one of the most engaging videos ever made. By any measurement, by any standard. And it's about a curtain! 88% engagement level

              Omega – Neil Perry’s Kitchen

              Omega and Neil Perry partnered up to bring Australians quality appliances that looked great. Our job was to film these in action to show how practical they really were!

                Guide Dogs NSW – Noah’s story

                Noah is legally blind. This is the extraordinary story of how he became a BMX Champion despite his disability. Aided of course by his trusted canine companion.


                  BubziCo comissioned this series of product reviews to help boost their conversion stores on their Shopify and Amazon stores

                    Josh is waiting

                    Cart Abandonment videos have proved hugely popular for our customers at encouraging their customers to complete purchases.

                      Ziegler and Brown Portable Grill

                      BBQ Galore wanted to increase conversion levels on their site by having a human being interact with people shopping on their product pages. This video ought to cover most questions asked by customers whilst shopping

                        Winning Appliances Rebrand Launch TVC

                        When Winning Appliances re-branded they asked us to create the Television Commercial to go with their campaign

                          Cart abandoners – Dishwashers

                          Cart Abandonment videos have proved hugely popular for our customers at encouraging their customers to complete purchases. Add a bit of comedy and the customers becomes putty in your hands! 🙂

                            Kate – Secret Blooms

                            Secret Blooms wanted an upbeat product page video to help them boost conversions. And conversions it did boost.

                              Levity Animation 2020

                              If you still think video marketing isn't essential in 2021... Think again. Watch this video to see some mind blowing stats!

                                The Colour Run Melbourne

                                The Colour Run - The happiest 5k on the planet, got Levity - The best video production house on the planet - to do their event highlight promo video

                                  EduComply Promo

                                  Animation to explain the services that Educomply brings

                                    Wesley Mission Winter Appeal

                                    A Television Commercial for Wesley Mission to encourage people to help their cause

                                      Fridge Buying Guide

                                      Appliances online comissioned this video to help their customers navigate the often difficult decision of buying a fridge

                                        About The Winning Group

                                        A video explaining the history of The Winning Group and what they do

                                          About Livin’

                                          Livin' is on a mission - our mission was to explain what they do in a simple and elegant video

                                            12 Bottle Wine rack review

                                            Winestash's sales spiked immediately when we relaeased these series of videos for their products

                                              Levity Testimonial

                                              If you're wondering who "Serious" Levity is. That's us. Two years ago. We just got rid of the serious. We're a lot more fun now so the name had to change!

                                                Patrick’s Story

                                                The Shepherd Centre helps children who are born deaf learn have speech abilities that are on par with their hearing peers

                                                  Charle’s Journey

                                                  Wesley Mission comissioned this video to highlight the world of good they do for their clients.

                                                    Seasoned Music Promo

                                                    Seasoned Music asked us to produce a highlights promo reel of their event

                                                      The Power of Speech

                                                      When children who were born deaf had the chance to go to parliament thanks to The Shepherd Centre, we were there to cover it!

                                                        Tranex Solar

                                                        Tranex is changing the way we consume engergy - our job was to tell waht they do and why they do it

                                                          Athena Education Revolution

                                                          Athena's revolution - A quick promo campaign searching for students to go on an exchange trip to Greece.

                                                            Mate of Origin

                                                            A highlights reel of Mate of Origin, raising funds for Livin'

                                                              AOL Intro Video

                                                              A quick intro to The Appliances Online experience. This video was delivered when customers opted into their email marketing sequence.

                                                                USP Animation

                                                                Appliances online comissioned this video to show their customers the great experience of shopping at their store

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