The intangible benefits of video to a business

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I don’t know whether or not I’ve just made that word up, put a video can put a face to a faceless brand.

The biggest example of this is when we started livestreaming for Australia’s largest appliance online retailer.

The response from customers was overwhelming! Saying the couldn’t believe who many people were behind the company! Which brings me onto my next point which is connection!

This sort of CONNECTION is invaluable. People buy from people and can relate to other humans beings a lot better than relating to a brand.

Now the exceptions are obviously the Apples, the Nikes, The AirBnBs etc, but if you can lift your brand from being just a logo on a page to a human being communicating to your customers, then you’re half way down to selling.

In making this connection you elicit EMOTIONS. Think about your famous vloggers like Casey Neistat, Gary Vaynerchuck or up and coming vloggers like Glen Carlson or James Wedmore. They make you feel good. It’s almost like a cult-like following they get from you – and they wouldn’t have been able to elicit these global feelings without video.

And the reason why those influencers receive this God-like treatment. Well it’s because through their videos they build TRUST.

Trust means a lot! We buy into products and people because we trust them. To give a not so nice example, think of the poor person who has been scammed into sending money to a bank account in Nigeria for example. Why did they do it? Because there was trust.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t use the powers of video to be naugthy and scam people off their money.


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