5 techniques to show value to your customers through video

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In order to sell anything, you need to prove value to your customers. Video is no different. So how can you prove the value of video to your customers?

A/B Testing.
A/B Test pages with and without a video. Make sure you know exactly what you’re testing for. Is it conversion rates? Is it leads? Is it email address captures? Design a video specifically to target what you’re testing for, then A/B test it against the same page without a video. Gather and analyze results and prove to your clients that video provides an uplift.

Connection and engagement.
Measure the amount of time people are spending on pages on your site. Then measure that against the same page with a video on it. Are people spending more time on your site because of a video. Are they increasing the amount of time spent interacting with your brand because of the video? By how much? Twice as long? Ask your customer how much it that worth to them?

Videos build trust. I know trust is not quite tangible but it’s a no brainer that it’s easier to form an opinion on someone if you can see and hear them rather than if you just read about them on a website. Use the power of video to build this trust with your customers!

Perhaps the easiest thing to measure for a client of yours – and the most easily quantifiable into dollar figures if they know how much they are worth to the business in terms of salary or hourly rate- is to save your clients TIME. Do you spend 2 hours a week onboarding patients or training staff? Do you charge $100 an hour? Well, produce a video on the process and it will save you $800 dollars a month or $9600 in a year. Simple.


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