5 tips to engage with your audience

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Tip 1 –
Get straight to the point. Which is what I’m doing here. Don’t faff about in the first few seconds (be it with graphics, music intros or whatever you think may be interesting. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter so we need to hook people in straight away. Youtube stats show that Approximately 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds. Create a damn good intro.

Tip 2 –
Be emotive and passionate. Unless someone is forcing you to do video there should be a passion behind what you’re trying to communicate. You’re presumably an expert if you’re choosing, out of your own accord, to talk about that subject, so make sure it comes across.

Tip 3 –
Be yourself – but definitely play it up a bit. If you think you’re being “too much” that’s not necessarily going to come across on camera. If people don’t like it, you’re still getting a response from them! Which is what video is all about! Making that connection!

Tip 4 –
With the proliferation of social media videos, and people quickly scrolling through their timelines, it’s not enough to just have engaging images. Subtitle your videos so you can have a two pronged attack to capture your audience’s attention. If you lose them through the visuals, the written content displayed as Close Caption may capture their hearts. Go to Rev.com to add closed captions to your videos for as little as $1 per minute. They are like the uber of closed captioning. Check them out!

Tip 5 –
Embrace facebook live. Facebook’s algorithms seem to favour Facebook live. As soon as you put a live video it notifies your subscribers. And there’s something innate in human beings that loves a good live broadcast! Maybe because it’s authentic, maybe it’s because it’s raw and maybe it’s because they’ve got the chance to see you warts and all, whatever the reason, that’s probably the most authentic, trust-building way to connect through video at the moment.



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